Color: Blue oil

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The Finn series has been produced in Hadeland continuously since 1916. This classic and popular pattern, designed by Ragnvald M. Hansen, is diamond polished by hand. The basis of the Finn pattern sphere is the Smooth pattern a glass sphere, which is then ground by hand.

7 colors:
- Smoked glass
- Petrol blue glass
- Olive glass
- Duck blue glass
- Pink glass
- Brown glass
- Gray glass

Several finishes are available: golden, black, silver

This suspension is dimmable, the bulb is not included. We invite you to refer to the "technical characteristics" section.


Diameters: 12cm, 16cm, 20cm
Cable height adjustable up to 3m



• Associated style(s): Scandinavian style, art deco style, contemporary style.

• Recommended location(s): dining room, living room, bedroom, kitchen.

• Ideas for matching colors and textures:
- Textures: light concrete, oak wood.
- Colours: cream (e7ceb8), burgundy (542714), anthracite gray (373737), off-white (fafaee).
We advise you to combine it in composition with the UNPATTERNED model.

Light: Bulbs not included, dimmable model
Basic type: e14
Material: Glass
Standard/Certification: CE
Consumption: -Watts
Lumens: -lm
Lighting type: general lighting
Weight: <5kg
Voltage: 220-240V
Protection: IP20
Manufacturing: Norway


HADELAND GLASSVERK luminaires are all made and blown one by one by hand, from the beginning of the process to its very end.

This is what characterizes these iconic products so much in Norway.

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