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Article: Euroluce: The international lighting design exhibition in Milan

Euroluce : L'exposition internationale du design d'éclairage à Milan

Euroluce: The international lighting design exhibition in Milan

Euroluce is one of the most important lighting design exhibitions in the world, held every two years in Milan, Italy. This event provides a unique opportunity for lighting designers, manufacturers and buyers to connect, share ideas and explore the latest trends in lighting. In this article, we will explore in more detail what Euroluce is and why this exhibition is so important for the lighting industry.

History of Euroluce

Euroluce was created in 1976 by Cosmit, the organizing company of the Milan Furniture Fair. At the time, the exhibition was only a small space dedicated to lighting within the Salon du Meuble. However, interest in lighting design grew rapidly, and in 1998 Euroluce became a stand-alone exhibition, held alongside the Salon du Meuble. Since then, Euroluce has continued to grow in size and importance, attracting exhibitors and visitors from all over the world.

The characteristics of Euroluce

Euroluce is a five-day event held every two years in Milan. The exhibition is open to professionals in the lighting industry, including designers, manufacturers, distributors and buyers. The event showcases the latest innovations in lighting design, ranging from commercial products to art installations.

One of the most remarkable features of Euroluce is the importance placed on presentation. Exhibitor booths are designed to be visually impressive, showcasing products in creative and engaging ways. The exhibit itself is also beautifully lit, creating an ambience that inspires creativity and innovation.

Why is Euroluce important?

Euroluce is important for several reasons. First, it's an opportunity for lighting industry professionals to meet and share ideas. Exhibitors can present their latest products and concepts, while visitors can learn about emerging trends and make important business contacts.

Moreover, Euroluce is an event that attracts the attention of the media and the public. The most innovative and remarkable creations are often featured in design magazines and blogs around the world, allowing exhibitors to gain visibility and promote their brand.

Finally, Euroluce is an event that stimulates innovation in lighting. Exhibitors often showcase products that use the latest technologies and techniques, encouraging other manufacturers to keep pace and bring better and more efficient products to market.

Lighting trends at Euroluce

The lighting trends presented at Euroluce vary from one edition to another, but certain recurring trends emerge. Here are some examples of trends that have been highlighted during the last editions of Euroluce:

The use of LED technology

For several years, the use of LED technology has been widely promoted at Euroluce. Manufacturers often introduce products that use high-quality LEDs, offering better energy efficiency and greater design flexibility. LEDs are also able to produce more natural light that is more comfortable for the eyes, which is especially important in work and living spaces.

The return to more traditional designs

Although LED technology is a major trend at Euroluce, there has also been a return to more traditional designs in recent years. The manufacturers presented luminaires inspired by classic models, but with a modern twist. These timeless designs have proven their durability and versatility in a wide variety of settings.

The use of sustainable and ecological materials

With increasing attention to sustainability and ecology, many manufacturers showcased products that use environmentally friendly materials at Euroluce. Materials such as wood, recycled glass and natural fabrics have been used to create fixtures that are both aesthetic and eco-friendly.

Customizable lighting design

Many manufacturers presented customizable luminaires at Euroluce, allowing customers to choose the shape, size and color of their luminaire. This trend is particularly attractive for large-scale projects, such as hotels and shopping malls, where custom fixtures can help create a unique and distinctive ambiance.


Euroluce is an international lighting design exhibition that provides a unique opportunity for industry professionals to connect, share ideas and explore the latest trends in lighting. Since its creation in 1976, Euroluce has become a major platform for lighting manufacturers, buyers and designers around the world. By showcasing innovative and cutting-edge lighting trends, Euroluce continues to inspire innovation and creativity in the lighting industry.

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