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Article: What does the job of Interior Designer involve?

En quoi consiste le métier d'Architecte d'intérieur ?

What does the job of Interior Designer involve?


The profession of interior designer is a fascinating profession, located at the intersection of art, science and technology. It's about more than just decoration; it is the art of understanding people and creating functional and aesthetic spaces that improve their quality of life. But, what does the job of interior designer really consist of? This article explores the various aspects of this captivating profession.

History of the profession

Interior architecture, although ancient, has evolved considerably over the centuries. From the elaborate adornments of royal palaces to contemporary minimalist designs, this craft has always been intrinsically linked to cultural expression and technological advancements, reflecting the values ​​and aspirations of each era.

The skills required

An interior designer must possess a varied range of skills, combining creativity, keen aesthetic sense and technical skills. The ability to listen and interpret customer needs, proficiency in computer-aided design (CAD) software, and good knowledge of materials are essential to succeed in this field.

The necessary training

The training to become an interior designer can vary, but it typically includes studies in interior design, applied arts, or architecture. Academic programs provide a solid foundation in art history, design theory, technical drawing and project management, essential for successfully navigating this career.

What is the daily life of an Interior Designer like?

The daily life of an interior designer is diverse and dynamic. It involves conceptualizing projects, creating detailed plans, selecting materials, coordinating with craftsmen and suppliers, and often, supervising work on site. Each project is unique, providing new opportunities to solve problems creatively.

The importance of the professional network

In the profession of interior designer, the professional network plays a crucial role. Joining trade associations, participating in industry events, and maintaining an active social media presence can open doors, foster collaborations, and attract clients.

The job market

The job market for interior designers is constantly evolving, with opportunities in design agencies, architectural firms, or as a freelancer. Specializing in certain sectors, such as sustainable design or commercial design, can also offer new career avenues.

Tips for Beginners

For those new to the profession, it is essential to build a strong portfolio, seek mentorships and not be afraid to start with small projects. Continuous learning and adaptability are the keys to success in this ever-changing field.

Tools of the trade

Interior designers rely on a range of tools, from CAD software like AutoCAD and SketchUp, to 3D visualization applications, to physical samples of materials. Mastery of these tools is essential to transform visions into tangible realities.

Marketing Tips to Grow

In today's digital world, an effective marketing strategy is vital. Creating an attractive website, maintaining an active social media presence, and providing exceptional customer service can help build a strong brand and attract a loyal customer base.


Being an interior designer is an exciting path for those who are passionate about creating spaces that improve people's lives. It requires a unique combination of creativity, technical competence and the ability to communicate and understand customer needs. With the right mix of education, skills and passion, it's a career that can be both rewarding and rewarding.

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