PROBE - Designer wireless induction lamp

Color: Black

Livraison prévue entre le 14 octobre et le 19 octobre

Integrated LED black aluminum desk lamp, induction charger, 40cm high

A Korean designer desk lamp

Emanating from an elegant and thoughtful design by BYMARS, this desk lamp revolutionizes contemporary lighting by combining functionality and aesthetics. Equipped with a black aluminum structure, it displays imposing dimensions with a height of 40 cm, integrating perfectly into an office or a bedroom.

An induction charger for your phone

Its particularity lies in its dual function: not only does it offer integrated LED lighting of unrivaled quality, suitable for spaces requiring ideal brightness, but it also serves as an induction charger desk lamp, bringing an innovative and practical touch to your workspace.

Practical and minimalist wireless charger lamp

In addition to its functional aspect, its contemporary look harmonizes with various interior fittings. The choice of materials and the finesse of its design testify to the commitment of the AGO brand to offer products that combine aesthetics and utility. For those looking for a practical desk lamp that transcends simple lighting, this model is the answer. With it, illuminate your space while charging your phone, all in a sleek and modern design.

Diameter: 16cm
Height: 40cm

Light source: integrated LED
Materials: Aluminum and ABS
Power: Max 3W
Weight: 1.8kg
Lighting type: secondary lighting
Color temperature: 3000K
Standard: CE
Voltage: 220-240V
Protection: IP20
Manufacturing: Korea

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