ORLO - Design surface-mounted black or white spotlight 80mm

Color: Black
Variant Lighting:

Livraison prévue entre le 13 décembre et le 18 décembre

Surface-mounted spotlight in white or black steel LED integrated warm or natural light, 80mm in diameter

Our surface-mounted spotlight in white or black steel combines elegance and simplicity to bring a touch of refinement to your space. Its modern and clean design integrates harmoniously with any type of decoration, adding a contemporary aesthetic to your living room. Whether you choose white for a bright appearance or black for a sleek look, this spotlight offers a versatile solution to complement your decor.

Diameter: 7.9cm
Thickness: 10cm

Light: Bulbs provided (warm light 3000K or natural light 4000K)
Base Type: LED
Material: Steel
Standard/Certification: CE
Consumption: Max 9Watts
Lumens: 250lm
Lighting type: mood lighting
Weight: 0.29kg
Voltage: 220-240V
Protection: IP20
Manufacturing: China

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