KNIT-WIT Round - Oval pumpkin woven japandi hanging lamp

Color: Blue Duck

Livraison prévue entre le 08 décembre et le 13 décembre

Pendant lamp in duck blue, pine green, red, coral, orange, pink or white polyester for bedroom or living room in Japanese or Zen style, 45cm to 75cm in diameter

A Zen suspension for your living room

Immerse yourself in the elegant and soothing world of lighting with this Knit-Wit pendant lamp designed by ISKOS-BERLIN in 2016. Subtly combining the essence of Japandi and Zen style, this centerpiece dresses your interiors with grace and refinement, whether a bedroom, a living room, an office or a dining room.

Soothing Japanese lighting

The main material, polyester, is transformed under the expert hands of Made By Hand craftsmen to give life to a hand-woven lampshade. The knitting technique, although ancestral, takes on an innovative character here. It gives each lamp a unique signature, where the light dances delicately through the thread patterns. This suspension is, therefore, much more than a simple luminous object: it is a work of art that adorns and animates your space.

hand woven lamp

Its dimensions vary to adapt to your needs: choose between a diameter of 45cm, 60cm or 75cm. Its structure and lampshade come in various colors - white, red, beige, pine green, orange, pink, blue, black, gray - to match your decorative palette. Its light source is based on e27 bulbs, guaranteeing optimal diffusion.

Diameter: 45cm
Height: 40cm

Diameter: 60cm
Height: 55cm

Diameter: 75cm
Height: 70cm

Light: Bulbs not included
Basic type: e27
Materials: Polyester
Standard/Certification: CE
Consumption: Max 60Watts
Lumens: -lm
Lighting type: mood lighting
Weight: 1 to 4kg
Voltage: 220-240V
Protection: IP20

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