FLYING - Integrated LED woven japandi pendant lamp

Color: Terracotta Red

Livraison prévue entre le 17 décembre et le 22 décembre

Terracotta red, midnight blue, sand or white woven pendant lamp with integrated LED, for Zen and Japanese style living room, 58cm, 76cm or 96cm in diameter

Hanging lamps with an organic design

Immerse yourself in an atmosphere of tranquility with our collection of FLYING hanging lamps. These luminaires, available in sizes of 58cm, 78cm and 96cm, blend elegantly into any environment, be it the living room, dining room, bedroom or kitchen.
Their sculptural form, with a soft organic design, gives these lamps the appearance of magnificent floating objects. They are made by a 3D knitting process, from fabric and polyester, thus optimizing the use of raw materials.

A Zen Japandi atmosphere

Available in various shades, terracotta red, midnight blue, sand or white, these lamps fit delicately into your space. Their style, inspired by both Zen and Japandi, creates a soothing and harmonious environment. Whether for a kitchen pendant or a Japandi pendant to create a Zen atmosphere in your living room, FLYING pendant lamps embody the perfect balance between aesthetics and respect for the environment.

An integrated LED for soothing kitchen lighting

The integrated LED light source emits pleasant light warmth, which diffuses gently through the knitted structure of the luminaire. The packaging of our FLYING lamps in flat cardboard packaging facilitates their transport and distribution while respecting the environment.

Diameters: 58cm, 78cm, 96cm

Light: Bulb supplied (warm light 3000K)
Base Type: Integrated LED
Standard/Certification: CE
Consumption: Max -Watts
Lumens: -lm
Lighting type: mood lighting
Weight: -kg
Voltage: 220-240V
Protection: IP20

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