ALTO - Connected lamp for modern living room

Color: Black

Livraison prévue entre le 14 décembre et le 21 décembre


The ALTO table lamp, fruit of the innovative vision of designer Paul Louda , the PICCOLO table lamp from JAUNE FABRIQUE , combines elegance and modernity. The massive brushed cylinders, combined with a sturdy base, are enhanced by the light. The integration of rotating cylinders guarantees precise control of the brightness, and for a complementary sound experience, let yourself be tempted by our ALTO connected speaker

A table lamp with a unique design

The ALTO lamp is not limited to its aesthetics; it is also designed to fit your daily needs. Thanks to its integrated LED lighting, varying from 1800K to 2700K, adjust the ambiance of your room at any time of the day. And, thanks to its connectivity, control your lighting remotely via the application.

  • Height 35cm
  • Diameter 25cm
  • Matte black, terracotta, deep blue or white colors
  • Dimmable in intensity and color temperature from 1800K to 2700K
  • Connected app, device control
  • Perfect for a living room, bedroom or office

Height: 35cm
Lampshade diameter: 25cm
Base diameter: 10cm

Light: integrated LED, dimmable in intensity and color (1800K to 2700K), CRI 90
Base type: Integrated LED
Lifespan: Up to 50,000 hours
Material: Aluminum
Standard/Certification: CE
Consumption: 25Watts
Lumens: 0 to 1000lm
Type of lighting: ambient lighting
Weight: 2.5kg
Voltage: 230V
Protection: IP20
WiFi + Connected app

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