ALFA - Design Round Black or White Spotlight

Color: White
Variant Lighting:

Livraison prévue entre le 11 octobre et le 16 octobre

Surface-mounted spotlight in black and white steel or black integrated LED for modern and minimalist kitchen, 100mm in diameter

Perfect for your modern and minimalist kitchen, our 100mm diameter surface-mounted steel spotlight, available in black and white or all black, offers targeted and efficient lighting thanks to its integrated LED. Its sleek design, combining black and white or entirely black, blends harmoniously into a minimalist interior while adding a note of elegance. This steel spotlight is the ideal lighting accessory to enhance your kitchen while maintaining a clean and unobstructed space. Illuminate your kitchen in style with our surface-mounted spotlight.

Diameter: 100mm
Thickness: 85mm

Light: Bulb supplied (3000K or 4000K)
Base Type: LED
Material: Steel
Standard/Certification: CE
Consumption: 15Watts
Lumens: 1200lm
Lighting type: mood lighting
Weight: 0.33kg
Voltage: 220-240V
Protection: IP20
Manufacturing: China

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