Country: Czechia 🇨🇿

The factory located in the Crystal Valley, Bohemia, is a crossroads of traditional know-how and cutting-edge technological innovations, where they are able to successfully develop the most prestigious and complex projects.

The Design Lab, a strong team of designers ready to turn your passion into breathtaking design. From this inspiration, designers can create lighting and architectural installations that will make your interior unique and personal.

Unique manufacturing techniques

Nanotechnology Experts - Did you know that light can scatter through metal?

For years, SANS SOUCI has been developing innovative nanocoating processes that allow glass and metal to unite in perfect symbiosis.

Craftsmanship Proven For Centuries - Hand blown crystal glass, blown glass, technical glass, finishes such as die-cutting, adding a splash of color or expertly applied metallic nanocoating. SANS SOUCI craftsmen are ready to bring any design to perfection.