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Article: TOP 10 NETFLIX films/series on design and decoration

TOP 10 des films/séries NETFLIX sur le design et la décoration

TOP 10 NETFLIX films/series on design and decoration


Netflix, this revolutionary platform, has become an essential source of entertainment. For design and decoration enthusiasts, Netflix offers a variety of captivating series and films. In this article, we explore the top 10 Netflix series and films that will inspire your creativity and enrich your knowledge of design and decoration.

1. “Abstract: The Art of Design” – Pure Innovation

“Abstract: The Art of Design – Pure Innovation” is a captivating documentary series that offers a deep immersion into the fascinating world of design. This exceptional production highlights the most innovative minds in diverse fields of design, ranging from interior architecture to fashion, graphic and industrial design. Each episode is a window into the creative process of a renowned designer, revealing the inspirations, challenges and successes that mark their journey.

Ideal for design enthusiasts, art students, as well as the general public curious to understand the influence of design in the modern world, "Abstract: The Art of Design" is a documentary series that celebrates creativity and 'innovation. Through stunning visuals and insightful interviews, she educates, inspires and awakens an appreciation for the subtle and powerful art of design.

2. “Grand Designs” – The Beauty of Construction

“Grand Designs” is an exciting television series that invites viewers to follow the ambitious projects of ordinary people determined to build their dream home. Each episode of this documentary series is a fascinating exploration of the world of architecture and design, highlighting human ingenuity and creativity.

Through “Grand Designs,” the public discovers unique building projects, ranging from eco-friendly homes to avant-garde structures to renovations of historic buildings. The series highlights the perseverance and determination of homeowners who, often with a limited budget and considerable challenges, manage to create extraordinary spaces.

3. “Tiny House Nation” – The Art of Living Small

“Tiny House Nation” – The Art of Living Small” is a groundbreaking television series that delves into the growing tiny house movement, captivating a wide audience fascinated by the idea of ​​living in a more minimalist, economical and eco-friendly way. This unique series shows how small spaces can be ingeniously transformed into functional, comfortable and stylish homes, defying traditional housing norms.

Through episodes rich in creativity, “Tiny House Nation” explores various tiny house projects, each reflecting a personalized and innovative approach to small living. Viewers discover ingenious design solutions and clever layouts that maximize space, while creating welcoming and practical interiors. The series highlights the importance of simplicity and efficiency in design, while emphasizing the freedom and flexibility that a tiny house offers.

4. “Stay Here” – Transform and Make Profitable

"Stay Here - Transform and Make Profitable" is a captivating television series for anyone interested in the art of transforming vacation rental properties into money-making gems. This inspiring series guides owners through the process of renovation and decoration, with the objective of maximizing the appeal and profitability of their properties.

At the heart of “Stay Here” are design and real estate experts who share their knowledge and tips for revamping and optimizing spaces of all sizes and styles. Each episode features a unique transformation project, demonstrating how strategic improvements can significantly increase the rental value and attractiveness of a property.

5. "The World's Most Extraordinary Homes" - An Architectural World Tour

"The World's Most Extraordinary Homes" is a dazzling documentary series that takes viewers on a fascinating journey to discover the world's most extraordinary and architecturally unique homes. This series is a true celebration of innovation in design and architecture, showcasing homes that defy convention and blend harmoniously into stunning landscapes.

Ideal for architecture enthusiasts, designers, as well as anyone interested in how architecture can improve our relationship with the environment, this series is a never-ending source of inspiration. “The World's Most Extraordinary Homes” is not just a series about houses; it is an ode to creativity, engineering and the beauty of human habitat, embedded in natural and urban settings around the world.

6. “Interior Design Masters” – The Creative Competition

"Interior Design Masters" - The Creative Competition" is a dynamic and captivating series, perfect for interior design enthusiasts and those who aspire to learn more about this fascinating industry. In this televised competition, a selection of interior designers Up-and-coming interior talent compete in a series of challenges to win a prestigious contract. It's a true showcase of current trends and new ideas in the world of interior design.

Ideal for those looking to stay up to date with the latest design trends, Interior Design Masters is also a platform where future design talents can shine. Judgments from domain experts and interactions between competitors provide valuable perspectives on what makes a successful design. The series illustrates how creativity and design can transform not only spaces, but lives, making “Interior Design Masters” a must-read for interior design enthusiasts.

7. “Amazing Interiors” – Interior Surprises

“Amazing Interiors” is a fascinating documentary series that invites viewers to explore seemingly ordinary interiors, revealing incredibly creative and unique interior designs. This series is a celebration of ingenuity and innovation in interior design, showing how creativity can radically transform living spaces.

Through captivating episodes, “Amazing Interiors” reveals homes that seem ordinary from the outside, but hide stunning designs inside. From historic homes renovated with modern touches to urban spaces transformed into tranquil oases, the series features an impressive variety of styles and concepts. Each episode is a source of inspiration, showing that no matter the budget or available space, innovative ideas can create spectacular interiors.

8. “Queer Eye” – More than a Makeover

"Queer Eye" - More than a Makeover" is a groundbreaking television series that goes far beyond the concept of a makeover. This iconic show combines personal makeover and interior renovation, giving participants a complete transformation that touches both their appearance as well as their living environment. “Queer Eye” stands out for its holistic approach, providing not only advice on fashion and beauty, but also innovative ideas in interior design.

In each episode, the "Queer Eye" team of five charismatic experts puts their talents to work with people from all walks of life, helping them improve their personal style and reinvent their living spaces. The show emphasizes the importance of creating a harmonious and personalized environment that reflects the personality and needs of the participants.

9. “The Great Interior Design Challenge” - Le Défi du Design

"The Great Interior Design Challenge" - Le Défi du Design" is a captivating television series that gives amateur designers the opportunity to demonstrate their talent in interior design. This stimulating competition highlights creativity and ingenuity of the participants, who must take up the challenge of transforming spaces using a limited budget.

At the heart of each episode is a unique design project, where contestants face varied challenges, such as renovating rooms in historic homes or transforming modern spaces. Participants must demonstrate great inventiveness to make the most of limited resources, while respecting customer expectations and needs.

10. “Dream Home Makeover” – The Metamorphosis of the House

“Dream Home Makeover” is a captivating reality television series that follows the adventures of Shea and Syd McGee, a dynamic and creative couple, in their quest to transform ordinary homes into true dream spaces. This series stands out for its unique and accessible approach to interior design, making the art of home transformation both inspiring and achievable for the general public.

With each episode, viewers witness the incredible transformation of various properties. Whether it's a complete renovation or a makeover of a specific room, Shea and Syd bring their expertise and aesthetic sense to create spaces that reflect their clients' personalities and needs. Their talent for blending modern and classic design elements results in interiors that are both stylish and functional.


In conclusion, Netflix offers a diverse range of design and decorating series and films that are both educational and entertaining. These programs are an invaluable source of inspiration for anyone looking to beautify their surroundings or learn more about the fascinating world of design. Whether you are a design professional or simply an enthusiast, these series and films will stimulate your imagination and enrich your vision of design and decoration.

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