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The vintage decorative style is a trend that has been making waves for several years. This is a style of interior decoration that draws its inspiration from the 50s, 60s and 70s. Vintage is a way of mixing eras by using old objects to create a unique atmosphere. Interior decoration enthusiasts love this trend, because it allows you to create a retro, warm and authentic universe.

Bright colors: a signature of the vintage decorative style

The vintage decorative style is characterized by the use of bright colors and graphic patterns. Red, yellow, green and blue are very present colors in this style. Geometric patterns are also widely used to create a retro atmosphere. The furniture is often in dark wood, with clean lines, for a touch of modernity.

Vintage accessories: objects steeped in history

The vintage decorative style is also distinguished by the use of old accessories. Vintage objects, such as cameras, lava lamps, bakelite telephones or radios, are highly prized for their unique design. Interior decoration enthusiasts also like to hunt for antique furniture, such as leather armchairs, Formica tables or solid wood sideboards.

Textiles: natural materials and retro prints

The vintage decorative style is characterized by the use of natural textiles, such as cotton, linen or wool. Cushions, rugs, curtains and blankets are often decorated with retro patterns, such as polka dots, stripes or flowers. Velvet or leather fabrics also bring a touch of luxury to the decoration.

Indoor plants: a must in the vintage decor style

Indoor plants are an essential part of the vintage decor style. Hanging plants, such as ferns or spider plants, are popular for their airy appearance. Potted plants, such as cacti or succulents, are also popular for their exotic appearance. Indoor plants bring a touch of freshness to the decoration and allow you to create a real ecosystem.

How to integrate the vintage decorative style into your interior?

The vintage decorative style can fit into all types of interiors. Just choose a few strong pieces, such as a leather armchair, a lava lamp or a metal clock, to set the tone for the decoration. It is also possible to play with bright colors and retro patterns to create a unique atmosphere. Finally, do not hesitate to mix eras and styles to create a personalized universe.


In short, the vintage decorative style is a timeless style that has survived the ages and continues to seduce many interior decoration enthusiasts. Its charm lies in the combination of elements from different eras and styles, which create a unique and warm space.

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