The story of Hadeland Glassverk

Founded in 1762, Hadeland Glassworks (Hadeland GLASSVERK) is one of Norway's oldest industrial enterprises. It has maintained continuous production from the very first kerosene lamp through to designer collections in an array of jewel colors and exquisite designs that are synonymous with Hadeland Glassverk today.

At the dawn of its 260th year, the HADELAND team has revisited 8 of these early models by Jonas Hidle and Arnulf Bjorshol, which were produced between the early 1990s and the early 2000s. he artisans who handcraft these wonderful fixtures continue to drive innovation and challenge the beautiful material that forms Hadelands famous glass.

At Hadeland Glassverk, an entire team is dedicated to designing new luminaires, but also collaborating with the wider design community by creating bespoke luminaires for a wide range of interiors and environments, with result of ever more exceptional creations.

The team works on both indoor and outdoor lighting, designing solutions for a wide range of projects that allow Hadeland's talented team to explore the limits of the material.

Functional, expressive, creative, curious, engaging and authentically Norwegian, that is the beauty of Hadeland Glassverk.

The incredible Oslo opera project

The 50m² chandelier that illuminates the main stage of the Oslo Opera House was designed as part of a collaborative project between renowned firm Snøhetta Architects and Maud Gjeruldsen Bugge, Head of Design at Hadeland Glassverk. The chandelier was handcrafted at Hadeland Glassverk. It is 7 meters wide, weighs 8.5 tons and consists of 5800 individual crystal elements and 8000 LED lights. Each of the crystal pieces is mouth-blown and ground by hand in the glassworks, using centuries-old techniques that are cherished and passed down through craftsmanship.

The manufacturing process

The entire production of the luminaires takes place in Hadeland Glassverk. The wooden molds are made by our own mold maker. The lamps are mouth blown with the same techniques as they did 250 years ago. The cooling process is done over a period of 4 hours to several days, depending on the thickness of the glass. Finally, the lamps are subjected to coarse grinding, fine grinding and finally, they are polished. More than 10 craftsmen, men and women, leave their personal touch on each light.

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