Composition of blown glass lights

Each HADELAND GLASSVERK luminaire is handmade in Norway. The glass is mouth blown with the same techniques as 250 years ago. One of the many benefits of purchasing a wonderful HADELAND light fixture is that no two handmade items are exactly alike. They may vary in color, design and pattern. More than 10 artisans, men and women, bring their personal touch to the sphere.

You can also put together your own combination to make your suspension even more unique. A wide choice of personalization is possible.

Our recommendations

The compositions of lamps that we recommend are the combination of the following different models: CROSSES, FINN, LINES, OPTIC, SODA, STAR, UNPATTERNED. Choose from different colors, patterns and sizes to find the perfect pendant light.

All recommendations are carefully selected by stylists and designers. All lamps are mouth blown, providing a unique design and beautiful lighting to your home.

Lighting composition in country style

Stylist Marianne Haga Kinder is the creator of the Dusk crystal sphere jumpsuit. You can recreate Marianne's style with this warm combination: The DUSK suspension.


Eclectic composition that combines colors and textures

Interior stylist Renate Lorentzen chose the perfect combination of crystal spheres for her cabin. You can recreate Renate's style with this elegant combination: The AMBER suspension.


Here are also other composition ideas below. If you are interested in one of these compositions, we invite you to contact our team by email:

The composition that revives a monotonous interior

You can also make a polychrome composition, combining with it different sizes, colors and decor of this model.


Composition of DROP suspensions

Finally, the following association will be very trendy in a dining room or kitchen. The specific composition of the lamps by stylist Christina Skjevik is called Glitter, but the DROP lamps are also sold individually or in desired combinations.


Create your own composition HADELAND

Note that an infinite number of combinations are possible, you can compose your own according to your preferences. If you are interested in one of these compositions, we invite you to contact our team by email:

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