Appearing in the 1980s, the Shabby chic decorative style is unparalleled in making an interior welcoming and intimate.

We teach you a little more about its key elements, its origins and the tricks to reproduce this decor at home.

What is Shabby Chic?

Shabby chic is inspired by the interior decoration of English cottages, combining elegance and comfort with the weathered and worn side of the furniture. The use of pastel and faded colors, lace and floral patterns also brings a touch of romance to the decor and creates a welcoming atmosphere.

In English, the term shabby means worn or threadbare. Shabby chic can therefore literally be translated as “worn chic”.

The furniture

To recreate the Shabby chic style, we prefer antique wooden furniture, which has a worn appearance. The effects of time must be visible on them: peeling paint, damaged edges, scratches. This patina can be authentic or recreated using different painting and sandblasting techniques.

Ornate furniture, with engraved legs and frills, is also popular, and furniture in light or faded colors is preferred.

Shabby chic also allows the mixture between old and more modern furniture to create an imperfect layout.

The colors

The predominant color in a Shabby chic decor is white, punctuated with touches of pastel and delicate colors. Think sky blue, lilac or pale pink.

Bright or bright colors should be avoided.

For further

Accessories are also essential to recreate the Shabby chic style: metal candlesticks and their candles, antique birdcages in which you can place candles or flowers, English-style tableware with floral motifs, silver bowls... Just as much accessories that could be found in flea markets and second-hand markets. Antique chandeliers and lamps with shades are also must-have pieces.

To give a feminine and welcoming character to the room, we must not forget textiles, which can be found in several forms: lace, tulle, jute, cushions, curtains, bed linen, etc.

Flowers are another essential component of the Shabby chic style, whether they are floral patterns on the various fabrics, covers and cushions, patterns in the wallpaper or on a tea service. Bouquets of flowers in porcelain, glass or metal vases also look great.

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