The eclectic style of decoration skilfully mixes styles and eras, for an original and timeless atmosphere.

It is a decoration made up of favorite elements where you can express your personality!

What is the eclectic style?

The term eclectic refers to the mixture of periods and a fusion of styles from various origins. It's the perfect decorating style if you don't want to limit yourself to just one look or one period. Thus, a baroque chandelier will rub shoulders with an African mask or an Art Deco table without any problem, according to our inspiration.

On the other hand, eclecticism does not mean a mixture of furniture or multicolored decoration. The challenge of a successful eclectic decoration is to create a harmonious decor despite a disparity of styles. And above all, we want to prevent the room from taking on the air of bric-a-brac.

The furniture

Preferably, we avoid putting too much furniture in the same room so as not to overload it. Only a few particular elements are selected.

If we mix decoration styles, we choose similar colors or lines by adding one or two contrasting pieces of furniture. Thus, if all our furniture has straight and clean lines, we can add one with rounded shapes or with frills to break up the uniformity.

We also try to keep similar proportions across the furniture to harmonize the look. But again, we can break it all up with a bigger piece.


In an eclectic style decoration, all colors are allowed and these can vary enormously from one decor to another.

However, it is recommended to keep the walls light in color, in variations of white or beige, in order to highlight the furniture and objects. Pale walls also help give rooms a more modern look.

We also avoid mixing too many colors so as not to create a mismatched or chaotic style.

For further

Accessories are one of the essential elements of an eclectic decor. Once again, in order not to overload the pieces, it is preferable to limit yourself to a few favorite pieces.

Comfort being an essential component of eclectic style rooms, we also rely on the addition of cushions, blankets and rugs. Accessories can also represent a central element of a room, as in the case of a work of art or a very colorful object.

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