Bohemian decoration is inspired by different currents and makes us travel around the world without even leaving our homes. Very close to ethnic decoration, the bohemian style is more substantial and colorful than ever.

What is contemporary style?

Bohemian decoration is a style where we find an assembly and an accumulation of patterns, materials and objects. The colors are dazzling, vivid and deep, they combine to create a warm atmosphere.

So, if you like to hunt in flea markets, thrift stores or simply bring back souvenirs from your travels, the bohemian style is for you.

The furniture

A beautiful wooden table in a dining room accessorized with a colorful and flowery centerpiece sets the tone for your decoration.
On the floor, we add a large woven carpet with ethnic motifs in shades of pink, red and yellow.
On the living room side, a small wooden coffee table or a pretty mango wood sideboard is ideal for your decor.

Rattan objects and furniture. Wicker is also found in all our bohemian chic ethnic style interiors, particularly in the form of baskets for your plants or flat baskets. Finally, bamboo is perfect for a suspension. Thus, these three materials bring a little vintage and authentic side to a bohemian style interior.


Ochre, red, brown, or beige, anything in shades of terracotta is conducive to a bohemian interior. These colors are mainly found on the fabric of the cushions, braided carpets but also in paint on a wall. They are essential to the bohemian style and bring all the cheerfulness your interior needs. Also, to avoid a monochrome decor, we add a few touches of blue and green. Moreover, green is mainly found in the form of plants and plays a key role in a bohemian style decoration.


Brightness and lighting are also essential to this style of decor. We therefore find suspended lamps and floor lamps in the form of flowers and bamboo, rattan... As far as possible, we favor large windows with light linen curtains for natural light.

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