The Zen decorating style is inspired by Japanese interiors and feng shui principles.

Refined and orderly decor, calm and cleanliness are the watchwords. Rooms become inviting oases that call for relaxation.

Here are the elements that characterize Zen decoration.

What is the Zen style?

"Zen" is often associated with the concept of minimalism, simplicity and purity of lines.

In Japanese, the term zen refers to meditation which, in decoration, translates into harmonious and balanced interiors that promote relaxation.

The Zen-decorated rooms exude an atmosphere of serenity . The decoration is sober and uncluttered, the furniture low and without complex details. We favor neutral and light tones as well as natural materials.

There are also elements of feng shui in the style of zen decoration.

The furniture

Zen-style furniture is simple, unadorned and with low lines. There are many natural materials: wood, ceramics, terracotta and cast iron, but also bamboo, rattan as well as stone and pebbles. The fabrics and textiles used for furniture are also natural, such as wool, cotton or linen.

In order to respect the concepts of feng shui, we avoid overloading the rooms with too much furniture. Thus, in a dining room, we will simply find a wooden table, sometimes with a glass top, with straight chairs.

In a bedroom, the bed should be raised a little above the ground to allow the energy to flow freely. For storage, there are often wall cupboards, which have the advantage of not taking up space. The bedside tables are also very practical.

In the living room, the armchairs must be placed around a center to promote exchanges. There are also low coffee tables.

In the bathroom, furniture is often fixed above the floor. The floors can be stone or wood, but always in light colors.


For a Zen-style decoration, choose neutral, soft and soothing colors to promote light, such as off-white or creamy white, ivory, beige and beige-pink.

Earth colors, brown and pale gray are also found in Zen decors. However, we make sure not to take colors that are too dark.

There is also blue, a calming color perfect for bedrooms or the bathroom as well as touches of green.

Lights and Objects

Light, especially natural light, is essential in Zen decors. For the windows, we therefore choose light curtains or blinds with wooden or bamboo slats to let the light through and control its intensity.

The lamps must illuminate softly and if possible, dimmable to dim the lighting. For the bedroom, place reading lamps on the bedside tables for more discreet lighting.

As for accessories, plants are also welcome in Zen interiors, from bonsai to green plants, orchids and aquatic plants such as reeds, bamboo or papyrus.

In the rooms, for more comfort, we opt for carpets on the floor. In the bathroom, we favor wooden accessories, round stones as well as the presence of candles and reeds. In the bedroom, mirrors and televisions are avoided so as not to disturb sleep.

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