Based on the concept of less is more (less is more) by architect Mies van der Rohe. The minimalist style aims for a return to basics where the superfluous has no place.

Here are the elements that characterize minimalist decoration.

What is the minimalist style?

Born in the 1960s as a reaction to consumer society and pop style, minimalism puts simplicity at the forefront. Being also a philosophy of life, we aim to declutter interiors. Clean interiors, sober colors and simple furniture are the watchwords of this style of decoration!

The furniture

A tidy and orderly interior and this goes for everything that is visible, no or few trinkets on top of the furniture.

The materials most often used for furniture are concrete, glass, metals such as aluminum, stainless steel and chrome, wood, stone as well as artificial materials such as vinyl, PVC and aluminum. acrylic.

THE floor can for example be concrete or wood, solid color. Tiling and intricate patterns should be avoided.


The minimalist style is characterized by sober and neutral colors, unlike the pop style which stands out for its bright and tangy colors. There is therefore a lot of white, a color to be favored for the walls, the ceiling and even the furniture.

There are also different shades of gray and beige. Black decorations can be enhanced by small touches of brighter colors, however patterns and prints are to be avoided.

You can play with the contrasts between colors, between light and dark, or white and black. You can also opt for a monochromatic theme and stay in the same color palette, gray or white for example.

Lights and Objects

Great importance is devoted to natural light. The simple and clean-lined luminaires will fit perfectly in this environment. We can even leave the windows without curtains or else, we choose light curtains, sliding panels, sober blinds in wood or with wide slats.

As for objects, we choose to keep only the essentials, which has sentimental value or great utility, for example. Green plants, carpets (sparingly) will be centerpieces. You can also choose a single object, a painting, a photograph, for example, as the focal point of the decoration.

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