The contemporary style finds its source in the Bauhaus movement of the 20s. It is balanced, orderly, refined. It enhances an interior by its spaces, vast, open and bright thanks to the size and the multiplication of the windows in the wall or in the roof.

Here are the elements that characterize contemporary decoration.

What is contemporary style?

The contemporary style is based on the principles of functionality, ergonomics and durability. With its sleek and chic side, the modern style can sometimes be considered a little colder.

Modern rooms are usually spacious and bright, and neutral colors like white and gray dominate. We avoid adding too much furniture or accessories to keep this aspect of space and grandeur.

The furniture
The main materials found are stone, concrete and glass, but also wood and plastic. Metal is also very present in the modern style, as much stainless steel as aluminum or chrome. Floors can be either concrete or wood.
Geometric and rectangular shapes are very present in contemporary furniture. These are no-frills, the fabrics are stretched and they often feature steel tubing to form their structure.

Furniture can be made from lacquered wood, glass, plastic or metal. All furniture, regardless of its composition, is distinguished by its elegance and design.

Among the modern furniture, there are modular sofas, ergonomic chairs, floor lamps, coffee tables and glass vases.

For example, in a modern dining room, you will often only find the table (glass, wood or plastic) with chairs that contrast in color or material.


We bet on rather neutral colors such as the different shades of white, gray, beige and black. These are tones that serve as a base, as for the color of the walls.

If we play on the variations of the same color, we give a monochromatic effect to the rooms. You can also oppose the colors to create contrasts, such as white with black or with bright red.

To add a bit of warmth to contemporary-style decors, adding pops of bright colors, such as bright red, lime green or turquoise is a good idea.

Lights and Objects

Brightness and lighting are also essential to this style of decor. We therefore find suspended lamps, spotlights on rails, luminaires of original shapes and floor lamps. As far as possible, large windows are preferred with light curtains.

On the accessories side, we focus on works of art, paintings and sculptures. To give a refined appearance, we keep only the essentials, however we can choose vases, cushions or colored carpets.

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